Automation in a Textile Dyeing Factory



Labor cost has been continually rising over the past two decades and employees have become more aware about employment standards legislation. As a result, many manufacturers have moved their operations to China or other countries where costs are lower and employee welfare regulations are less strict. One textile dyeing manufacturer in northern Taiwan decided to keep his plant on the island, but he realized that he would have to improve his plant's competitiveness by reducing costs. The owner wished to employ a computerized automation system in his plant.

System requirements

The textile dyeing plant is of average size and contains 8 dyeing lines. Each line has 10 dyeing tubes. One of the main factors that affects dyeing quality is the strict control of temperature in each tube within the process. The owner used to hire field workers to record temperatures manually. An automatic system must be able to collect data remotely at a certain level of accuracy within a large space. The goal is to minimize the labor cost while maintaining product quality. The system must work reliably in a hot and noisy environment. Since margins are very slim in the textile dyeing industry, the owner was very concerned about cost.

System architecture

The ADAM-4013 RTD analog input module and a PT-100 thermal sensor was used in the front end of each dyeing tube. Each node in the production line is then connected to an RS-485 network. ADAM-4520 isolated RS-232 to RS-485 converters then convert the RS-485 signals to RS-232 signals for input to the host PC. The system diagram is shown above.

ADAM-4013 RTD modules are available in either Pt or Ni types for measuring wide temperature ranges. It offers 2,3, or 4 wire connection. A highly precise current source supplies RTD excitation. The measurement resolution is up to 0.01°C. This enables reliable control of the tube's temperature.

Eighty nodes are connected to the RS-485 network. The RS-485 network has good immunity to noise interference and can communicate over long distances, allowing it to serve in a large factory. Each tube's temperature is collected by an ADAM-4013 module and is transferred back to the control room in real time. On-duty supervisors can analyze data and make adjustments to the process.


The dyeing plant owner has reduced his field staff by 20% since the introduction of the automated system. Dyeing quality has improved. His plant is competitive with those in much cheaper labor markets and the number of employee complaints about harsh working conditions has been reduced.




Communications Modules  

adam-4500.jpg ADAM-4500 PC-based Communication Controller



General RS-422/485 Repeater

adam-4510s.jpg ADAM-4510S Isolated RS-422/485 Repeater

adam-4520.jpg ADAM-4520 Isolated RS-232 to RS-422/485 Converter

adam-4521.jpg ADAM-4521 Addressable RS-422/485 to RS-232 Converter

adam-4522.jpg ADAM-4522 RS-232 to RS-422/485 Converter

adam-4541.jpg ADAM-4541 Multi-mode Fiber-Optic to RS-232/422/485 converter with mounting bracket

adam-4561.jpg ADAM-4561 1-port Isolated USB to RS-232/ 422/485 Converter

adam-4572.jpg ADAM-4572 Ethernet to Modbus Data Gateway

ADAM-4581_S.jpg ADAM-4581 1-port GSM to RS-232/422/485 Data Gateway

ADAM-4570L_01_S.jpg ADAM-4570L 2-port Ethernet to RS-232 Data Gateway

ADAM-4570S_01_S.jpg ADAM-4570S 2-port Ethernet RS-422/485 Data Gateway w/Security


Remote Analog Output Modules  adam-4021.jpg ADAM-4021 Analog Output Module


Remote Analog Input Modules  adam-4011.jpg ADAM-4011 Analog Input Module adam-4011d.jpg ADAM-4011D T/C Input Module with LED Display adam-4012.jpg ADAM-4012 Analog Input Module adam-4013.jpg ADAM-4013 Analog RTD Input Module adam-4016.jpg ADAM-4016 Strain Gauge Input Module adam-4017.jpg ADAM-4017 8-channel Analog Input Module adam-4018.jpg ADAM-4018 8-channel Thermocouple Input Module adam-4018m.jpg ADAM-4018M 8-channel Analog Input Data Logger ADAM-4015.jpg ADAM-4015 6-Channel RTD Module ADAM-4019.jpg ADAM-4019 8-Channel Universal Analog Input Module ADAM-4017plus_01_S.jpg ADAM-4017+ 8-channel Analog Input Module ADAM-4018+_01_S.jpg ADAM-4018+ 8-channel Thermocouple Input Module with Modbus


Remote Digital I/O Modules  adam-4050.jpg ADAM-4050 Digital I/O Module adam-4052.jpg ADAM-4052 Isolated Digital Input Module adam-4053.jpg ADAM-4053 16-channel Digital Input Module IA-3302_3.jpg IA-3302 RS-232 Controlled Relays, PC Enabled Module ADAM-4024_01_S.jpg ADAM-4024 4-Channel Analog Output Module ADAM-4051_01_S.jpg ADAM-4051 16-channel Iso. DigitalInput w/LED Module ADAM-4055_01_S.jpg ADAM-4055 16-channel Isolated Digital I/O w/LED Module


Remote Relay Output Modules  adam-4060.jpg ADAM-4060 Relay Output Module IA-3302_3.jpg IA-3302 RS-232 Controlled Relays, PC Enabled Module



Remote Counter Frequency Modules  adam-4080.jpg ADAM-4080 Counter/Frequency Module adam-4080d.jpg ADAM-4080D Counter/Frequency Module with LED Display

/ 8 نظر / 60 بازدید



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